Day 2: Victor ID to Hoback WY

Today’s Highlights:
Last night I got out of my tent around 11:00. The moon had not risen and the sky was filled with millions of stars. I could even see the Milky Way. It was amazing. While walking to breakfast just before 6:00, the dawn light hid all the stars, but two bright planets where very close together at the eastern horizon. It was two of those little things that make camping out worthwhile. It was also a more comfortable night with temperatures in the 50’s, but with a strong breeze through the night. We woke to dry tents instead of dew-covered like we had in Teton Village.

Breakfast and braking camp went like clockwork, so I have the routine down now. I was on my bike at 7:05 AM. We rode through Victor (meaning we crossed main street – that’s all there is to it), and continued our trip through Teton Valley. The farms and surrounding mountains are beautiful. It was in the low 50’s when we left camp, but actually dropped to 45 degrees as we traveled through the valley and started climbing. After a bit of climbing to heat us up, we had a very long downhill. It was pretty, and it would have been enjoyable if not for the temperature. Riding 30 mph when it is 45 degrees is very cold. It took a bit of fun out of the long ride. Eventually, we reached Swan Valley, which was also very beautiful. We had a long, flat road through the valley, but we unlucky to also have a very strong headwind for ten miles or more. Once we reached the Palisades reservoir, we started climbing again. The wind slowed down a little, but the sky was very overcast and the cold temps continued. At the 50-mile mark, in Alpine WY, we had a lunch stop. There were a lot of shivering riders there.

The next 22 miles improved a lot. It was still a bit cloudy, but we had a gradual climb that seemed to be just right for staying warm. We also followed the Snake River all the way to our camp in Hoback Junction. There were rafters in the river. I realized that my two brothers and their families had planned a rafting trip that morning and should be near the end, so I started to look for them. The highlight of the day for me was I actually found them! I saw a blue Barker Ewing raft filled with people approaching, and I recognized Mike’s hat. They also saw me (just a biker) high above on the river bank. So I called out and they all responded. It was quick a lucky coincident.

We are staying at a Boy Scoutcamp tonight, right along the Snake River. It’s a very nice spot. There is no internet here, and it’s even difficult to get phone reception. Eventually, I will get to post these entries and the pictures.

Pictures Of The Day:

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3 Responses to Day 2: Victor ID to Hoback WY

  1. June Hopper says:

    Enjoying the ride so far Jay? Looks beautiful as always! The “tent City” is amazing! How great was that seeing the fam on the river!! What a treat to be in the right place at the right time!! Safe travels!!

  2. Stacia says:

    I can’t believe you saw them AND got pictures! So cool!

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