Day 0: Baker City

Today’s Highlights:

This morning I drove 220 miles to Baker City mostly following the route I cycled on my very first bike trip across the US in 2002. I recognized a few places along the way. Tonight’s camp is at a big town sports center, and the tent city is on a very nice soft lawn. There are 500 tents packed very closely together. People who brought their own tents are spread out in several areas. It’s a beautiful afternoon to relax outside and there are nice views of the mountains that surround this valley.
There was live music on and off between 3:30-9:30, and a couple meetings about Cycle Oregon and tomorrow’s route.
Dinner was plentiful and good, and it was surprising how quickly and efficiently they served the entire camp.

Pictures Of The Day:
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  1. Chris Aylward says:

    Wow! They really pack them in there.

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