2013 Cross-Country Bike Trip

This summer, 2013, I will be riding my bike across the United States with America By Bicycle (ABB). The group will leave San Francisco, CA on June 2 and arrive in Portsmouth, Maine on July 23, pedaling about 3900 miles in 52 days. The ABB crew will handle the logistics, provide daily SAG support, and transport our luggage to each hotel.

You can visit my journal page for a daily description of the ride and a few supporting pictures. Additional pictures will be available on the gallery page of my website. The Journal page will display the most recent post. If you click on its title, the post will open in a separate page and allow comments and navigation to previous posts. You can also select a particular date on the calendar to view its post, and there are statistic summaries and links to recent posts and related websites.

Cycling statistics will be captured with a Garmin bike computer, and you will see a summary of those in the posts and in the sidebar. For those who are interested in cycling details, a link in the summary will bring you to the Connect.Garmin website to see more information. One nice feature that you might enjoy is expanding the map view and zooming into the satellite view to see the terrain we cycled.

Postscript: This adventure has been completed. Go to the June 1st, 2013 journal entry to read from the beginning.

Ride Schedule and Approximate Route and Elevations


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