Day 1: Ride The East – Portsmouth NH to Worcester MA

Today’s Highlights:
Today’s route from Portsmouth, NH to Worcester, MA covered 95 miles. With the extreme heat, I was only able to do 77 miles. At mile 53, in downtown Lowell, I had to escape the heat in the SAG van and attend to some dehydration symptoms. I got a ride to the second rest stop 18 miles away. After drinking lots of water and Gatorade, and eating a little, I continued cycling the remaining 25 miles to the hotel. I was glad that I could get back on the bike and do the hills. That last section had some nice scenery also, especially one equestrian center.
The route was hilly, but mostly rolling hills with some steep ones near the end. The hills would have been fine if it wasn’t so hot. During the last 25 miles, the temperature was between 90 and 100.
We rode mostly on country roads, through a few quaint towns like Exeter, and there were a few busy streets too through Lowell and Worcester.

Pictures Of The Day:


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  1. June Hopper says:

    Man Jay! I wondered about the heat you were having back there! You be careful. Safe travels the rest of the way and hope it gets cooler!

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