Day 1: San Francisco to Vallejo

Today’s Highlights:
We started our day with a group picture, all wearing our new jerseys. Eighteen riders left together at 7:00 and rode in a group for the first several miles before going off at our own paces. The temperature started out around 50, and a steep one mile hill warmed us up early as we traveled west to reach the Pacific ocean. Once near the shore, the temp dropped to 45 and a thick fog made it quite chilly. We stopped briefly to document our departure from this coastline. Then turning away from the shore, we climbed the hilly San Francisco streets and worked our way up to the Golden Gate bridge. It’s a magnificent site and we were lucky to have a beautiful clear sky this morning for a clear view of the bridge and bay. Apparently, the west side of the bridge was open only to bikers. Traffic was light which made it very easy to cycle across and also stop for pictures. On the north end of the bridge we rode through the beautiful town of Sausalito. I made a stop at the Renovo Bike showroom. They make awesome looking wooden bikes, and it was a nice treat to see them on the first day of this cycling adventure. The remainder of the day had very comfortable weather.

Our cue sheet had four pages of instructions today, requiring a lot of navigation. This slowed down our normal average speed a little. Plus some of us did bonus miles by overshooting a few turns. Much of the middle of the ride was through small towns without any notable scenery. The last 20 miles or so skirted the north side of San Pablo Bay. A strong cross wind came off the bay which added a lot more work to our travel. We were on highway 37 which had a lot of fast traffic and a messy shoulder. It wasn’t too pleasant, but there were some nice views of farm and ranch land.

I rode part of the day with Ken and my roommate Bud, and with Andy, or alone. Generally, we were far ahead of the rest of the group. I was the third person to reach the hotel today. I guess my training paid off. I’m ready to do it again tomorrow.

Pictures Of The Day:

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7 Responses to Day 1: San Francisco to Vallejo

  1. Jeff Douglas says:

    Nice going John! Keep up the good work. It will be a fantastic trip. The jersey’s are now RED? Who are the trip leaders?

  2. John J Aylward says:

    Nice work dad! Pictures look great, and sounds like day 1 was a nice ride.

  3. Mark Koltz says:

    John – looking forward to following you. You will have a great trip!

  4. Chris says:

    Awesome!! Great first day. Wish I were there. Keep it up.

  5. Sonia Fallon says:

    Looks like a great first day. Looking forward to following you to the east coast. Good biking!

  6. Stacia says:

    BONUS MILES? You really are crazy! Also – that guy in Picture 6 stands just like Chris! Who IS that?! (Just kidding, of course!) Have fun!

  7. June Hopper says:

    Wow Jay, Nice start. I like the red shirts. Look forward to the rest of your adventures.

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