Day 16: Ride The East – Warsaw NC to Whiteville NC

Today’s Highlights:
Our 72-mile ride today seemed easy. The route was fairly flat on good rural roads, and we had the wind with us most of the time. The temperature ranged comfortably from 70 to 85 under an overcast sky, with only a brief period in the 90s when the sun shown through, but it was so humid that I was soaked and dripping for the entire ride. After cycling the first 12 miles by myself, a group of about 10 riders caught up to me moving like a train. I hopped in line and picked up some speed for the next 15 miles to the rest stop. It was nice to be in good company.
I left the SAG stop on my own again and reached Elizabethville 47 miles into the ride. The Corner Cafe was a recommended stop, and I had been looking forward all morning to getting apple pie. I went in and found out all they had were eggs and pancakes, but the waitress told me where the town bakery was. Just as I was about to leave, Don, Donna and Gregg showed up also looking for a treat. So off we went to Burney’s Sweets & More one block away, and we all enjoyed the most delicious pastries. It might have been the best treat of the entire trip. I cycled the remaining 25 miles to Whiteville with them, and after checking into the hotel and cleaning up, we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I really enjoyed their company and getting to know them a little more.
Tonight we are having a pizza party in the hotel. There are no restaurants close by (the China King doesn’t really cut it for dinner), so pizza delivery is the option tonight.

Pictures Of The Day:

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