Day 2: Halfway to Wallowa Lake

Today’s Highlights:
Today’s ride was very challenging, covering 78 miles and climbing almost 7000 ft. I started at 6:50 AM and finished at 4:00 PM.
I dressed lightly this morning thinking I would warm up fast on our big hill climb. Unfortunately, it was only 35 degrees when I started and we had 8 miles of flat roads before the hill. At mile 8 I could feel my jersey getting soaked with sweat while both feet were numb and my fingers and most of my body were very cold. I guess there was no good compromise on how I should dress.
We started the first hill climb at mile 8 and it was a steady 20-mile climb with not one foot of flat or downhill. Our next two hills were equally challenging, but 10 and 4 miles long. The downhill sections were fun, but chilly. All this was through forests of towering pines, and sometimes followed a mountain stream. There were occasional views. After the last big hill, we had one more small climb approaching Joseph. That too was a bit of work after 60 miles of cycling. Once we crested that hill, the town of Joseph came into view, transitioning from the mountain forest to rolling hills of grain. The first view of Wallowa Lake was breathtaking. It easy to understand why it was sacred land to native Americans.
Our camp was at the South end of the lake under the pine trees. The bandstand was set up in front of the lake. It was such a nice setting.

Pictures Of The Day:
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3 Responses to Day 2: Halfway to Wallowa Lake

  1. Jane says:

    Great job! Keep hydrated.

  2. Chris Aylward says:

    Nice climbing! It’s tough to be sweating and freezing at the same time. feels like you’ve got the flu.

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