Day 20: Ride The East – Tropical Store Hermine

Today’s Highlights:
Hurricane Hermine hit Florida yesterday and weakened into a tropical storm as it continued through Georgia and South Carolina. We were supposed to cycle to Santee SC today, but the forecast was for 5-7 inches of rain with 40 mph sustained winds. The ride was canceled, but we had to move forward anyway. So, this morning we loaded the luggage truck in our civilian clothes, and loaded all the bikes on top of the two vans. All 16 riders and 4 staff people fit into the two vans, and we drove from Geogetown to Santee. We arrived around 11 AM while it was raining hard, but before the worst of the storm. We are save and dry for today. Tomorrow will be a very nice day to ride, barring any flooding.

Pictures Of The Day:

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