Day 23: Ride The East – Savannah Rest Day

Today’s Highlights:
My rest day started with a 6:00 AM walk in the dark around Savannah. I wanted to try some night photography in the town squares and streets. I strolled along several blocks and shot into dawn. Then I had a pre-breakfast at Panera Bread, a drink at Starbucks, and eventually a real breakfast at the awesome Goose Feathers bakery with Kirt, Brenda and Sara. Then from 9 to 1:00, I strolled all around the city looking at the architecture and parks. Forsyth Park was especially nice and had a lot of visitors.
In the afternoon, I spent a couple hours on photo editing and bike cleaning. Then I was back out for another walk to sightsee. I met my friends at 5:30 for dinner at the Shrimp Factory on the Savannah Waterfront. It was very good. We joked about finally getting to eat with real silverware and use cloth napkins. That doesn’t happen often on this trip.
Savannah has a lot of interesting architecture, parks, history, and good restaurants. It’s well worth visiting for those things. I didn’t find much art or quality shopping, and the museum was closed on Labor Day.

Pictures Of The Day:

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