Day 9: Ride The East – Hunt Valley MD to Washington DC

Today’s Highlights:
We had beautiful weather for our 80 mile ride into Washington DC today, with lower humidity and temperatures started out in the 60s. The roads we traveled on in Maryland were in excellent condition, although there was no shoulder and more traffic compared to other places we have ridden so far. Our route arched far around the west of Baltimore through very nice farmland. You wouldn’t know that we were near some of the most heavily populated parts of the Northeast. The first fifty five miles were hilly. A tailwind occasionally helped us out, and the last 25 miles were fairly flat. At mile 56, we got on the Rock Creek Trail, following Rock Creek. It was narrow, winding and rolling. It would be really fun on a mountain bike. Since the trial was a bit rough, we were routed onto the nearby roads whenever possible. So we continued to use the trail, side streets and parkways all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. I was really surprised how one could cycle or walk into Washington DC without going on any major road and being mostly in the woods.
I reached Pennsylvania Avenue around 1:45, and it was only a mile more to Washington Circle and to the hotel. After cleaning up, I met my son Chris and drove to his house to spend the night and the first rest day. The group will spend tomorrow in DC and get a nice rest after nine days and over 650 miles of cycling.

Pictures Of The Day:

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