Getting Ready To Go

Today’s Highlights:

I did a little clean up and tuning on my bike last weekend.  It was packed up by my local bike shop, Bikeway, today and sent on its way to Oregon.

Today I rode my old Raleigh bike on a 20-mile training ride with my friend Rick.  We did the Waterbury Hill ride which has three big climbs in it.  The middle hill, Clap Hill Rd, is especially steep,  reaching 16% grade at one point.  We had one surprise along the way, where about one mile of road had fresh loose gravel on it.  Luckily, it was at the bottom of Clap Hill and we had time to slow down before we hit it.  Still, it was easy to slide on and required some caution.  Otherwise, it was a nice ride with perfect 70-degree sunny weather.

Pictures Of The Day:

 (John Aylward)

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  1. John J Aylward says:

    Glad you didn’t take a spill just before the trip!

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